Questions about Odafree

  • Q: Is Odafree a scam?

    This is the number one question we get. No, Odafree is not a scam – it is a very real product created by a real person (Steve Schuster) to help people for whom feces odor and bad flatulence smell are a daily concern.

  • Q: Do you ship Odafree outside of the United States?

    This is the second most popular question. We have partnered with MyUS.com to offer international shipping of Odafree to more than 225 countries. This service basically gives you a US address that forwards to your non-US location.

    Click here to sign up and then use your new "MyUS" address when you place your Odafree order.

  • Q: Why Odafree?

    Because Odafree works! There is a reason Odafree continues to be used by people all over the world for effective control of offensive bowel odor.

  • Q: Who uses Odafree?

    People who need to neutralize odor resulting from fecal incontinence, colostomies, ileostomies, irritable bowel syndrome and bariatric surgery.

  • Q: How is Odafree taken?

    Each bottle contains 60 Odafree capsules, and the recommended dose ranges from 2 to 4 capsules a day based on body weight, diet and need.

  • Q: What are the side effects?

    Odafree turns stool green – this is normal due to the chlorophyllin component of Odafree.

  • Q: Do I just take Odafree before I go out on a date?

    NO! Odafree actually changes the way your intestines process the odor-producing compounds contained in feces. You have to take Odafree every day for about two weeks before it is in full effect, and you have to keep taking it daily for it to continue to work.

  • Q: Why does it take a while for Odafree to start working?

    Odafree actually starts working right away, but the full effect takes as much as a couple weeks to kick in. This is because Odafree actually makes your intestinal environment more conducive to odor absorption. The key to this is Odafree's pre-biotic ingredient, FOS, which feeds the good bacteria (bifidobacteria) that already exist in the digestive tract.

  • Q: Does Odafree really work?

    Yes. Odafree works well for people who maintain fairly healthy eating habits to begin with. Odafree reduces feces odor and foul smelling flatulence across the board, but if you eat a lot of red meat, onions, or other smelly foods, your stool will still have some odor, just not as strong as before.

  • Q: Is Odafree healthy for you?

    One of the main components in Odafree is FOS, a “pre-biotic” that nourishes and promotes the presence of “friendly” Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in the digestive system. These bacteria are known to be capable of warding off infection in the digestive system, have been linked to a reduced rate of cancer, and are thought to be beneficial to sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome. FOS is also known to reduce the amount of pathogenic or “unfriendly” bacteria in the colon.

  • Q: So, wait, bacteria?

    You already have loads of bacteria in your intestines. With the help of Odafree, the “good” bacteria multiply and form what scientists call “healthy intestinal flora.”

  • Q: Are there other side effects to Odafree?

    Odafree has two side effects, one of which disappears after a couple weeks. The bacterial metabolism caused by the FOS in Odafree might produce minor gas and bloating for a few days when you first start taking Odafree – this is actually a sign that Odafree has begun its work to reduce bowel odor. And as your bowel assumes its new, healthier condition, these effects disappear.

  • Q: What's the other side effect?

    The chlorophyll in Odafree turns your stool slightly green.

  • Q: Does Odafree affect flatulence?

    Bad flatulence smell is caused by the same sulfur compounds as the odor of feces. So, Odafree's odor mitigating properties also reduce unpleasant flatulence odors. In fact, there's a whole chapter on Odafree in Jim Dawson's book Blame it on the Dog (A Modern History of the Fart), and British television will soon be airing a documentary film on flatulence featuring Odafree as a solution to the problem.

  • Q: Is Odafree FDA approved?

    Odafree is considered a "food" by the FDA, not a drug. This means like many thousands of other vitamin, supplement, and nutritional products, Odafree falls under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994. This was confirmed in detail with the FDA's New England regional director before Odafree first went to market in 2005.

  • Q: How much does Odafree cost?

    Odafree costs $15 for each bottle of 60 capsules (a one-month supply). Shipping in the U.S. costs $2.75 for the first bottle and an additional $0.75 for each additional bottle in a single order.

  • Q: Can I get a sample?

    Because we are very loyal to our customers, we decided to keep our costs as low as possible by not offering samples. By sticking to our no-samples policy, we have been able to keep Odafree at the same price for over seven years (despite a rise in the cost of ingredients over that time).

  • Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Over the past five years, and thousands of customers, two people did not find Odafree to be effective for them. Of course we gave those two people back their money.