• Customer for life

    Your product has been so good for me that I&rsquot;m a customer for life. I eat an enormous amount of vegetables, and I&rsquot;m the healthiest I have ever been in my adult life, but I do produce a lot of gas! Not only could I not do my current confined-type job without Odafree, but my girlfriend of 24 years likes your product even more than I do (she says that now we can sit on the couch together without a candle nearby...). – M.F., Uxbridge, MA

  • Happy with the results!

    I did notice a decrease in the odor of my waste after about a month of taking your product. I went out of the country and stopped taking it and noticed in increase of the odor of my waste and also the return of gas - I have since resumed taking the product, and I am happy with the results! – C.H., Long Beach, CA

  • Odafree is great!

    Odafree is great! I feel self assured when I go to the bathroom (home, work and school). I originally got Odafree as kind of a science experiment but, then I learned how good FOS is for you as well as Chlorophyl and Yucca. It&rsquot;s incredibly healthy for you and everything is in this one pill. The only bad part is that I can&rsquot;t live with out it! I only hope you continue selling this product! – P.C., Concord, CA

  • No odor complaints

    There is definite improvement! No odor complaints from anyone in my whole family! – B.P., Kansas City, MO

  • Odafree is working!

    Odafree is working! It&rsquot;s definitely mitigating the aroma without any side effects! – L.T., Los Angeles, CA

  • Kept my mother living with us

    My 93-year-old mother lives with us, and because of her fecal incontinence, we were once on the verge of having to make the difficult decision to put her in a nursing home. Odafree has literally been the reason we have been able to keep my mother living with us instead of sending her away. – R.R., Shrewsbury, MA

  • Given me my life back

    The constant gas from my IBS had turned my social life completely upside down. At the age of only 50, I had basically stopped going out and had given up. It is no exaggeration to say that Odafree has given me my life back! – M.J., Seattle, WA

  • Very pleased with Odafree

    I am a Distal Gastic Bypass, 10 year post-Bariatric patient, and I am very pleased with your product! – W.M, Louisville, KY

  • Highly recommends Odafree

    My daughter has been taking Odafree for a while now, and thinks it works great. All in all she is happy with the product and highly recommends it. – J.R., Orlando, FL